Japan Trip - Totoro @ Ghibli Museum & meJulie is a Communications Manager working remotely for a city church in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently living (and loving life) in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a blogger, a photographer and a lover of pretty things.

She was born and raised in Indonesia and has a weird accent which is neither Indonesian nor Australian. She hopes to add some Japanese into the mix very soon.

Julie loves the social web and the intersection between technology and creativity. She also loves:

  • All things Japanese, especially the kawaii and quirky
  • Pop culture, but only selectively
  • New shiny gadgets, especially if the Apple brand is involved
  • Contemporary art and design
  • Food that look as good as they taste
  • Cute things, like, really… v(^-^)v

She would like to think that she is not defined by personality tests, but secretly loves them. She is:

  • An ENFP (Myer Briggs)
  • A sanguine phlegmatic (Four Temperaments)
  • A teamworker, plant and coordinator (Belbin Team Role)
  • A Tyrion Lannister (Which Game of Thrones character are you?) – Okay, so this might not be scientifically proven, but I thought that was pretty cool!