I just came back from a trip to the UK to visit my sister and my little niece (celebrated her first birthday yo!) in early November. So this one’s a break from the usual Japan-related posts, but instead today I’ll focus on something magical: Harry Potter.

I love love love Harry Potter and have quoted various lines from the books/movies randomly in this blog, because WISDOM! Seriously though, both my sister and I are huge fans, and I’m glad that we could go together to Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford during my short visit!

And here’s my video recap of the awesome 5.5 hours that we spent at the studio tour…

Here are some photos I took, but mostly I was filming everything – so do check the YouTube video, give it some love, comment, and subscribe! You know the drill. Love you lots.

My sister and I started out with just a ticket each and a matching special non-Harry Potter bangle that we got when we visited South Korea. Engraved on the bangles: “abracadabra”. It’s no “avada kedavra” but we’ll take it since it’s magical. By the end of our trip, we’ve got a faux leather bracelet with charms and temporary tattooed ourselves… and stuff.

The first area we entered was the Great Hall. Yup, the dining hall where most big announcements and feasts would happen. Because it was just after Halloween, they still had the Halloween feast on the tables.

After that, we then wandered around the whole exhibition, amazed and amused and way way way too excited!!! I mean, they’ve got Dumbledore’s office to Snape’s Potions class. Everything was so… magical and surreal. We loved every minute in it.

We moved to the darker side of things… You know, the scarier stuff… Plus Umbridge’s pink cat-filled office, which I wasn’t sure if it was more cute or scary.

There were plenty of interactive things to do and experience, but I didn’t take much photos of those, so please check the YouTube video above for all the fun stuff we did. Here’s one of my sister measuring herself against Dobby’s height. She felt taller for a bit that day! ;) Ha.

There was also the Hogwarts Express and the recreation of Platform 9 3/4, however I didn’t take much picture I realise. But yeah, it was so amazing in real life, so I’m sure the video would do justice to it.

There was also the cafe with Butterbeer stall selling the very popular Hogsmeade drink. We bought one each and got a commemorative mug to bring home. The Butterbeer was delicious by the way. So, win-win.

We then moved to the outside area, and oh it was freezing! But, the cool thing was we actually got to see Privet Drive, and Harry’s uncle’s home. The living room was filled with floating letters from Hogwarts, what an amazing visual!

There were a number of other areas where they showed us how the movie was made, from concept to production… as well as a great number of creatures on display! And then we walked into Diagon Alley!!! So cool. I wish there were more shops opened here, so we could experience being Harry Potter (similar to our Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studio Japan experience maybe?) but yeah either way, happiness!

What amazed me was the attention to details for every prop and location. When we walked to another area and saw a replica of Hogwarts castle (a miniature, even though it was far from being mini), we were gobsmacked in awe. For this area, we got to walk around the castle sides, so we had a chance to see it from all angles. Majestic, seriously!

And then we reached the end of our tour, because every good thing must end I guess. Sadly. Thousands of wand boxes were on display (fake, but still a cool sight) as we waved goodbye to the magic.

We also, of course, spent heaps of time in the shop. I didn’t take any photo, because (a) video, and more importantly (b) shopping was a priority! LOL.

Oh and I got to put on a Gryffindor robe, and picked up my very own letter to Hogwarts. “You’re a wizard, Julie…”

It was a fantastic experience for anyone who remotely adores this J. K. Rowling book/movie/everything franchise. As a huge fan, I will be returning, for sure.

I’ll leave you with a Harry Potter quote: “Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.” (Hermione to Ron). Ah, that’s love.

If you want to visit, book your tickets beforehand and plan your trip! It’s really really worth it. And if you haven’t, watch my other videos on YouTube and subscribe to my channel, yas!