The news said it has been 54 years since it last snowed in Tokyo in the month of November. Yep, that’s in the middle of autumn!

I was working that day, but asked for a 3-hour long lunch break just so I could take the bus to a nearby park and take some photos of the snowtumn. Here’s the video of everything that happened on that day!

My purpose of going to the park (except for the YouTube clip) was to take pictures of autumn leaves and snow together. So I did take quite a bit of photos for y’all to see. Let’s begin. This was the view from my local train station btw…

I arrived in Kichijoji and straight away walked towards Inokashira Park. I was thrilled. Like, super super excited. Snow is not something we get in the city (in Melbourne/Australia) so it was definitely a special feeling for me!

And Snowvember proved to be such a beaut! (Yes, I started with snowtumn, but Snowvember also sounded pretty good, so I’m gonna just use both interchangeably.) Look at all these red/orange leaves in the snow!!!

The only thing that hindered my photo-taking op was the fact that it was freezing cold! Like, I thought I was prepared, but obviously, having my iPhone on one hand (for YouTube) and my camera on the other (for photos) and trying not to freeze my hands to death proved to be difficult! LOL.

I wanted to stay there for about 1.5 hours and then have a quick bite before heading back home to continue my work. But I only managed just slightly under an hour. It was a good 1 hour nonetheless…

I visited Inokashira Park quite often since I moved to Japan… both for leisure and for Pokemon hunting (dem Magikarps and Dratinis!). So it was a nice sight to see it in the snow also!

Snowtumn was definitely one of those special moments that made me glad I’m actually living in Tokyo. It was one of those things that you wouldn’t be able to plan your trip upon, so I am ecstatic that I get to just wake up and leave the house for a few hours just to experience this. Thanks Japan!

This was my first time ever experiencing snow in autumn. It was also my first time living in a country that actually snows in the middle of the city. I remember waking up and getting so excited when I saw snow out of my window. Like, OMG. So yes, a noob. A very very happy noob who got to experience snowtumn!

Tips for those who are visiting cold places this winter: don’t freeze yourself to death. Oh and Inokashira Park in autumn is gorgeous (actually, during spring too!), so check it out!